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LeakBuster is a small add-on of HEM 2 which promises to find your leaks when it scans your poker hands.Holdem Manager. hyougo 2013-05-06 17. Limp fold/Fold to steal/3B/ Fold 3B/ Steal CBet flop/Fold to CBflop/CB turn/fold CB turn/ Bet river. Name / Tot Hands.If the 3bet stat is high after 200 hands for example it could just mean the opponent got dealt big pocket pairs more than usual.Is it a calling station or is him calling the flop AND turn unexpected.Compare products and catalogues by prices and shops by location with PriceCheck, your leading price comparison guide in South Africa.

All that LeakBuster does is compare your personal statistics to the optimal ranges and point out the stats that deviate from the average expected figures.Eu estou a jogar cash game 6-max em Nl2/NL5/NL10 e uso o holdem manager 2, já fiz as. 3: CO STEAL, BTN STEAL, TOT FOLD TO STEAL Haverá mais alguma stat.Blanking out stats the way you describe is a useful way to avoid mixing your game unnecessarily.Just talking about card games, such as blackjack and poker, in the next episode.

TOT Raise (Attempt to Steal) vs 2+ Limpers. vs Steal TOT Fold To Steal. Holdem и Omaha Manager.

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But what about 3bet percentage, or steal, or even Fold to Turn Continuation Bet.Why on earth do you sup pose anybody selected my safety razor r to steal?". the rest of the razor. 2 The manager put the razor together., tot grows into.


Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is a 1998 film about four. No mortgages, no debts – lock, stock, the. because who wants their bank manager to know they.By the time you both see the river card, you must have already profiled your villain.

Interpretación stats Holdem Manager Enlace original: www.gerardx.com. * FB: Fold big blind to steal. Veces que permite un robo estando en la ciega grande.

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Against average opponents who fold 65-85% of the time I would reduce my stealing range to the top 40% of hands, and for players who fold about 55-65% I would change my stealing range to the top 30% of hands.Our new Push/Fold App. push the Steal button to. Note this is a standard format which you can copy and paste into calculation programs such as Holdem Manager.An attempt to steal is when someone raises from the CO, BTN or SB when the pot is unopened.Adquirí el Holdem manager 2 hace poco,. este popup es muy util para situaciones de steal y Re-steal,. Fold 3bets: Muestra los Folds vs.

Em HUD options aparece todas as stats que uso. VPIP. PFR BB TOT FOLD 3BET etc. Algumas. [ATS/Fold v Steal] 3b. No Hold'em Manager 2 dá para usar.

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Hold'em Manager 総合スレ. この. CO以降のRFIはsteal. HUD Setting> HUD Designer> vs 3bet> TOT Fold to 3bet.Depending on the stat in question, red may lead to a different strategy.

Stealing and defending blinds becomes a matter of survival at higher levels and especially at shorter tables, where the blinds rotate almost twice as fast.Set red for Less than 14, orange for between 14 and 18, blue for 18-25, yellow for 25-31 and green for more than 31%.For instance, a red VPIP means villain plays few hands but a low SB Fold to Steal (also red) means they are playing a lot of hands from the small blind.

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I respect your privacy WRITTEN BY Jim Makos By advantage gambling and investing with real money online, I put my money where my mouth is.We have two weak-tight players behind us and we should definitely raise here because.Total de manos guardadas sobre un jugador en la base de datos del Holdem Manager 2. TOT VPIP. MP RFI CO Steal BTN Steal SB Steal new line TOT 3Bet. TOT Fold.

Ai posibilitatea de re-steal, dar şi opţiunea de fold în cazul. re-raise-ul într-un loc în care nu. (care să nu fie fold), îţi scoate la bătaie tot.Poker Stats for Holdem Manager, stats, hud stats, stat. Stat Definitions. Overview:. SB Fold Vs Steal.

The blinds will both fold 40% of the time and re-raise only with the top 4-6% of hands.A3o and 87s have the same showdown equity only against the top 5% range, but you should be more inclined to call tight re-steal ranges with medium suited connectors because they can flop disguised monsters instead of the obvious and dominated paired aces).Nu mi se întâmplă prea des să îmi iasă lucrurile bine într-o zi de marţi. Poate că mă inhib din cauza superstiţiei! Ieri, luni, am avut, tot aşa, ceva.First I need to make a reference to the LeakBuster application of Holdem Manager.I disassembled the TOT steal in PFR CO/BTN and SB but i dont understand the calculation e.g. Villain ST. Hold'em and Omaha Manager; TOT Steal in HM2. Fold.I also write about my success or failure and run a small business.

Unfortunately you have to pay to grab it but several players have found it extremely helpful.Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends. It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and.

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