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Great addition to your Gettysburg Civil War collection of relics.During the Gettysburg Campaign, he was appointed to command the Army of the Potomac just three days.While tin cups were standard US Army issued often they were supplied or replaced by sutlers.To order by phone, Tell them you want a Battlefield Preservation Deed 1959.Your bullet display come with a signed statement of authentication on parchment paper.On July 1, Confederate forces converged on the town from west.Sonic Drive In Cherry Limeade Poker Chip Collector RARE for sale. They are authentic Poker Chips with a heavy weight. Civil War Antique Map of the Wild West.

Dominoes was a popular game for relieving such boredom as was poker, dice even betting on fleas jumping the farthest - A fact not fiction.I rarely have these great Civil War Poker Chips and collectors like to stack.The red background in a piece of red felt to help hold the bullets in place, the white is the fiber which comes in the display case.

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This is a characteristic to look for when buying Civil War bills, paper and other documents.

Recovered at East Cavalry Field on the Gettysburg Battlefield years ago when it was not illegal to.The cannon barrage could be heard as far as Baltimore, Maryland some 59.8.For more information please call us on our land line at 717-420-5515.YOU PICK - I have the 2 of Hearts or the 2,4 of clubs and 2,4 of diamonds.11th Armored Cavalry Regiment. of the Civil War,. a reconnaissance in force mission southwest of Loc Ninh when the lead element of the.Offering the finest dug and non-dug Civil War collectibles and antique miltaria on the. The Civil War Connection. Two Poker Chips - dug near.The standard musket of the day was the 69 cal. smooth-bore making.I found several Gettysburg Civil War relics artifacts for sale that I came across when unpacking boxes from our Antioque anmd Civil War Shop that.Remembering 1864’s Battle of LaFayette. Another thing that helped Watkins’ men was poker chips. “The Battle of LaFayette.” Civil War Times. June 1989.

Laminated Statement of authentication on parchment paper included.Barry'd Treasure - Civil War Relics. Barry'd Treasure Civil War Relics MISCELLANEOUS RELICS (Return to Home Page). Poker Chips - These are made from flattened bullets.Please call to order 717-420-5470 Gettysburg Civil War bullets for sale.

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In 1854 the coin went through a design change such that two lines were now used to.Civil War straight flush 10, 9, 8, 7, and 6 of Hearts for sale - SCARCE.

Learn about the history of poker and how it came about. History Of. it was only during the American civil war that stud poker and draw poker began to emerge as.They have been preserved down to their saw dust and turned into such items like these keyrings.This cup may have a Confederate origin as it is not marked US on the bottom.Richmond-Petersburg Campaign, and the Appomattox Campaign, but he was overshadowed by the direct.These Pattern 1853 Cavalry Percussion Carbines were made by various.

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We also have buy from relic hunters who unearth bullets on Battlefield property not owned by the National Park Service.This Pre Civil War musket tool was used to extract a.69 caliber musket ball or minie-ball bullet from the barrel of a rifle or.

To order by phone, call - My Cell 717-778-8444 and Tell them you want the COMPLETE Gettysburg Civil War Spencer Cartridge.

The Sharps design changed several times over the course of the war and eventually ended up.RARE.54 cal. Starr Carbine The Starr Carbine was a breech loading single-shot rifle used by the United.Packed away I found dug Gettysburg Civil War US Buckles, Canteens, US Cartridge box plates, a 12 lb. cannonball and a rare Model 1842.

Great DUG Gettysburg Union Eagle Button in clear plastic button holder.

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Usually the heel plates were forged from tin or iron as is the case with this example.LIBERAL CIVIL WAR: Women's March Blasts ‘WHITE MAN’ Chuck Schumer for USING 'People of Color'. We are not bargaining chips. This is not a poker game.If interested, please call us on our land line at - 717-420-5515.A nice display grouping of 4 natural color and 4 stained red bone poker chips. Measuring approximately 1 ¼ of an inch in diameter with each chip just under 1/8 of an.

This is a guaranteed Gettysburg Civil War artifact Bullet from Battlefield for sale.Renowned Artist - Jean-Pierre has created this Beautiful Limited Edition 150th Anniversary Battle of Gettysburg Poster.It is hard to imagine being struck by such a heavy piece of iron.Tell them you want the Gettysburg Civil War Confederate buttons for sale.The Soldier used this buckle and a leather strap to keep his bed roll tight and tidy.

Welcome to here you will find rare authentic Gettysburg Civil War Relics Artifacts Buckles and.Kelly as the 2nd Brigade of the 1st Division, Brigadier General John C.DROPPED CONDITION - Statement of authentication on laminated parchment paper included.War, and was the second most widely used infantry weapon in the war, surpassed only by the.Williams cleaners were an experimental bullet used to clean the bore of the rifle after every 5 or so shot.